Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hello, my name is Kylie.G I’m 9 years old and, going to tell you a few things about me. I’m excited to have my new teachers and sad to leave the ones I have now.over the years I've learned new things because my teachers have taught me those things. These are things of what I like and dislike out and inside of school! The first thing I’m going to talk about is the type of teachers I dislike and like. The type of teachers I like are teachers who aren’t afraid to inform the rules but really sweet at the same time, I like teachers with humor who have that certain fun energy, and I’m not picky but, there is a certain type of teacher I don’t like those teachers are teachers who are Strict and it seems like they have no nice in them when they joke saying you’re going to miss all recess for talking. That they were so strict you would almost say those teachers are pure mean I like Gym because of the energy you get to burn out with the fun activities you have in gym I also like Art, S.T.A.R, And Music. I also LOVE reading Well Non-fiction is okay a little on the boring side. So basically, You've read all about my likes and dislikes to get to know me so you know me, I’m also so excited to see you my new teachers and to visit my old. I hope you're excited to have my as your new student!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Best Poem

         Clock Tower        .
It dances round in tiny circles
telling us the time, We want      to
know So it spins its show,As it Ticks and
Ticks and Ticks around No One knows for
sure how he really looks, Because he’s
up in his tower that now one can ever
reach, and everyone knows its
only low enough, To
Tell The Time.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My poems

Flowers are different,
like humans some are round
some aren’t some are red some are
yellow some are tall and some
are short it doesn't really
matter what
they look
like it
matters how


The foxes fur,
As red as roses,
His tail,
A falling petal,
He runs,
His legs a stem,
His body a Rose

   HOMEWORK Homework   .
  can be hard or easy         .
   some people hate it         .
   some love it to me            .
   homework is fun              .
   depending on how           .
    you look at it                  .
You're in a cage and you don’t want to be in one .
Well look at it this way There in the cage       .
That covers up the earth                                           .
you have little room now you want to be in a cage?   . Well okay then nevermind…                                              .


It               It           It
Can            Can       Needs
Be               Be         Water         
Green         tall       And         
It               it            Air
Can          can          It
Be               bee      Also Needs                 
brown      short    The Sun

Some people keep secrets
that they  need to hide they fear people will tanght

They don't want that at all .some people are afraid if they tell the secrets to other people whoever told them the secret will be mad secrets are okay as long as you tell no one  have one

THe Cookie Jar
1 cookie 2 cookie 3 cookie
and more then there is less…..
1 cookie less 2 cookie less 3 cookie less
and more the reason why they disappear is
because people love them there is
difference in them too vanilla,
chocolate, cream and more
Just saying... people
Love cookies!!!

He jumps         into the fish bowl but hes not as
large           as he seems he flips he dives he sees
       the food and eats hes not the biggest hes not
        the      smallest hes not the shortest hes not the
tallest          and by the way he’s not smart but hes

not dumb        but he is just right. so he is mine

My poems


He waits…
He stalks…
He sees the food he needs
He jumps he grabs
it fights but he wins
It has his meal for the pack
they eat
they run
to new territory

It drizzles it drops
We hope it stops so it doesn’t
flood up the stream
                                Ping      Ping      Ping
                                 It         Goes     On the
     windows Bang   Bang
 Goes     the   Thunder
                              Were waiting it stops

                               Were soaked anyway.