Thursday, August 29, 2013

                           My Friend
Allison is 9,She has A dog,Shes lost 6 teeth,Her house is white,Her room is pink,Her favorite colors are blue and pink,I'm her best friend,She's new to this school,She has two dogs,She has a sister and brother.(Oh and the girl up there is my friend)


Friday, August 23, 2013

My first week in school

My first week in school is not finished yet so I guess i will talk about the first part huh! I mean write the first part do you like blue i don't like blue i like aqua i no there the same thing but i like to be procise okay no i don't i just like aqua so about the first week of school i wore a school uniform that got jazzed up and my teacher is Ms.Christensen the first day we didnt switch classes yah i know swithching classes is hard the first time i thought Ms.Christensen was mean because my brother said shes mean but yesterday she gave everyone 2 cookiesand how is that mea and today shes gonna give more yah shes nice  well by