Monday, November 25, 2013

My Favorite Place

Trees and Woods

I go out of the yard i’m being chased by my brother and his friends,Oh by the way i’m Kylie and i’m talking about my trees and woods well back to the story! “ im lucky I wore a tank top and shorts!” I thought I took a sharp turned looked side to side I could see me brushing past the houses I could hear the meowing of strays and could smell the tree leaves I went to a tree jumped grabbed the branch and pulled myself right up my brother was jumping up and down trying to get up with Clayton and Tucker his friends I scrambled higher, higher and then stopped “Hey you will never get me ha ha ha!” “Oh yah you will never get down Ha Ha Ha!” Then i looked down the stray cats were there I felt like and endangered species Then before thinking through I climbed higher and I was all the way at the top “ Safe,I thought,Safe.”